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This article will show you how to do the following.

  • Setup the Busy Line Feature (BLF) keys.

In order to setup Feature Keys on a device, the following must be completed.

  1. Device model must be defined.
  2. Device must be on the q.audian provisioning server.


  1. Login to the Audian Portal
  2. Click the 9 square button at the top right of the screen.

  3. Select Smart PBX from the Apps list.
  4. Select Users on the left.
  5. Click the Device field for the preferred user.
  6. Click on the device's name.
  7. Click Advanced at the top.

  8. Select Feature Keys from the list of options.

  9. Select one of the options listed below for each Feature key.
    1. Presence: This allows you to see if other people are on the phone or not.
    2. Park: This option allows you to place a call on hold on its own public extension.
    3. Personal Park:This option allows you to place a call on hold on its own private extension.
    4. Speed Dial: This option allows you to setup a speed dial to a personal number outside your Audian account.

  10. Add any additional feature keys by repeating step 9.
  11. Click Save and Restart or Save Changes.
  • Note: Changes to the feature keys will not appear until the phone updates, either after a restart or over night after the phone checks for updates again.