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Some customer will want to have the ability to press a number once calls go to voicemail to give them the option to re-route the call to a cell phone or back to the receptionist.

This article will show you how to do the following:

  • Setup a callflow with the option to leave a Voicemail or try users cell/other number.

The objective is to replace the unavailable greeting in the voicemail box and place it in the menu so the user has the option to route the call if needed. Therefore it is critical that the user set the voicemail box to "Skip Greeting" to avoid the menu and voicemail box playing the same message. Steps will be provided at the bottom of the article on how to do this.


 1. Creating the Callflow
  1. Login to the Audian Portal.
  2. Click the 9 square button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Click the Call Flows app icon.

  4. Click Call Flows.
  5. Click Add Call Flow at the top.

    • If the user was already created as well as the call flow skip this step 
  6. Click the Edit icon, next the call flows name..
    1. The best way to name a user call flow is Extension | Name (Example: 100 | David)
  7. Click Basic under the Actions tab on the right.
  8. Drag and drop User onto the call flow bar.
  9. Select the User, and then press Save.

  10. Drag and drop Menu onto the User in the call flow.

    • Menu is also located in the Basics tab under the Action bar on the right.
  11. Click Add a New Menu.

    • Creating a menu will allow us to use multiple keypad options for routing the call before it goes to voicemail.
  12. Fill in the following.
    1. Name
      • EX: 'Username' Call Flow
    2. Prompt Record PIN
  13. Click Advanced at the top.
  14. Click Options.
  15. Set Options to the following.
    1. Number of Retries on misdial: 1
    2. Timeout for dialing: 1
    3. Extension Number Length: 4
    4. Interdigit Timeout(s): 2
    5. Check the boxes for Allow Outside recording and Suppress playing of Invalid Entry
    • These options will allow the system to use the timeout settings for the call flow if no buttons are pressed, as well as being able to record the menu greeting from a phone outside the network.
  16. Click Save at the bottom.
  17. Drag and drop Voicemail from the Basic Actions tab to the call flow.
  18. Set the Menu Option to Default action.

    • This means that if no option is selected after the greeting is played the call will route to what ever device or voicemail it is set to.
  19. Click Save.
  20. Select the Voicemail Box for the user.
  21. Click Save.

  22. To add additional routing options, like a cell phone, do the following.
    1. Click Advanced in the Actions bar on the the right.
    2. Drag and Drop Device onto the Menu in the call flow.
    3. Select a Menu Option # such as 1 or 0
    4. Click Add a Device
    5. Select Cell Phone
    6. Fill in the following information.
      1. Name
        • Name this the users name cellphone
      2. Belong To
        • Leave this as No Owner!

        • If assigned to the user it will stop the phones voicemail button from working!

      3. Number

        • Users cellphone number.
    7. Click Options.
      1. Check the box for Required Key Press
        • This is require the user to press a button on the phone before the call will connect. This is good for figuring out if this is a personal call or business call.
      2. Check the box for Keep Original caller ID
    8. Click Save.
    9. Click on Device.
    10. Set Ring this device for __ seconds to 60.

      1. Calls routing to cell phones takes longer to connect, having this option set to low will reduce the amount of time the phone will ring before timing out.

        • Note: When calls route to a cellphone and the user doesn't answer the call will leave a voicemail on the cell phone as it cannot route back to the Audian system, unless Voicemail is added after the Cellphone and set as the users Voicemail box.

    11. Click Save.

  23. To also add an option to route calls back to the main menu do the following.
    1. Drag and drop Call Flow, located under Advanced in the action bar, to the Menu.
    2. Select a number under the menu option.
      • The most common option to route back to the main menu is 0.
    3. Select the Menu you would like the call to route to.
      • If you are not sure which menu is needed, click the X and close the window. Click Save Changes for the call flow. Then look through all the call flows for the one with your main number on it. Then go back to the user call flow you are working on now.
  24. Click Save Changes at the top.

 2. Setting the Greeting
  1. From the call flow to be edited, click the Voicemail box.
  2. Select Advanced at the top, and then click Options.
  3. Ensure that the Skip Greeting box is checked.
  4. Click Save.
  5. Once back in the call flow view, click Menu.

  6. Click Edit menu options.
  7. Select the preferred greeting from the Greeting Message drop down, or click Create.
  8. Give the greeting a name and select the Media Type.

    1. If using a pre-recorded greeting, ensure that Media Type is set to File, and then click Choose File. Select the desired file and clickOpen.
    2. Click Start to record a greeting via the microphone connected to your computer,
      • Note: This option is only available in the Chrome browser.

    1. If you would like to use the TTS (Text To Speech) type of greeting, ensure that the Media Type is set to TTS.
    2. Enter the greeting that you would like.
  9. Select the type of voice and language to be used.
    • NOTE: If using a different language option the text will still read out exactly as it is typed into the text field, therefore if using a different language, you will need to type out the greeting in that language.
  10. Click Save.
  11. Click Save again.
  12. Finally, click Save Changes at the top of the callflow.

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