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Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol, or "SRTP" ” is a variation of RTP, which provides Encryption for your voice audio streams as they traverse the Audian network. 

SRTP works in the following situations:

  • In an outbound call to another carrier, Your call is encrypted between the handset, and Audian Servers. The call must be decrypted before it is sent out to the public telephone system, as cellphones, and other carriers, are not capable of decrypting a call on the fly.
  • In an Inbound call, the call is encrypted the same as above. The internal leg between your phone and the Audian Servers is Encrypted.
  • Extension to Extension calls are fully encrypted, assuming both devices have encryption turned on.
  • In the case that you call another Audian Customer or Audian Support, whom also has Encryption turned on, the call will be fully end to end encrypted.
  • When calling from an SRTP Enabled phone to a non SRTP Enabled phone on the Audian platform, the call between the SRTP Enabled phone and Audian Servers is Encrypted, then the Audian Server will decrypt the call to send to the non encrypted phone.

SRTP must be supported by your phone handset. To see if your phone supports SRTP, Please contact Audian Support at 8446116110 OPT (844) 611-6110, Option 2.

  • With Audian SRTP Is FREE Assuming when using a compatible phone.