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The Call Recording feature allows businesses to record and listen to calls made to or from the account. This can be done for all calls made on the account or on a user by user basis. If Call Recording is enabled for specific users, supervisors can be setup to enable them to listen to and QA calls for specific users assigned to them.

Advanced Filtering Options:

Filter recordings by To/From, Direction(Inbound or Outbound calls), and User -  How To - Apply Advanced Call Recording Filters

Call Recording - Account or User level:

Basic Call Recording feature to record Inbound or Outbound calls made from all numbers on an account - How To - Enable Call Recordings

Remote Storage via Amazon Web Services:

AWS S3 storage is an alternative way to store call recordings off of the Audian system and is HIPPA compliant - How To - Setup Amazon S3 for Call Recording

Supervisor Mode:


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