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title02. How To - Setup The Out Of Office Callflow

The "Press" field: will be set to "Default Action" which means that after the greeting has played and nothing has been pressed the call will do this.

The "for" dropdown: next to

Set the "Press" option

is where the call will forward

to 1.

  • Leave the "Press" option to "Default Action".

  • Click the "for" dropdown and set it to whichever option works for you.
    1. Best Option - Advanced Callflow: If you would like to play a greeting that your office is closed and then route all calls to your After Hours callflow look for the Advanced Callflows section and select the callflow that has "Closed" or "After Hours" in it. This will ensure that calls are going to the correct voicemail box if you are not sure whos voicemail box is the general one.
    2. Voicemail Box: If you know whos voicemail box you would like to all the calls to go to then find the Voicemail Boxes section and select it.
  • Click "Save"
  • Info

    Overview: This section will show you how to set up a callflow. A Callflow controls what a call does when called.


    We suggest you follow the standard configuration below but if you need something more advanced please contact Audians Support team by phone at 844.611.6110 opt 2 or create a ticket by emailing [email protected]

    Default Virtual Receptionist: This setup is an auto attendant that allows callers to hear a custom greeting and then will go to a specified voicemail. If you would like to add other options such as "Press 1 to be routed to a live person if this an emergency" feel free to add those options. If you need help with that then please contactAudian Support.

    1. Login to the Audian Portal
      1. If you do not have your Audian password see article Reset Portal Login Password or contact Audian Support.
    2. Navigate to the "Smart PBX" app by clicking the "Apps" icon at the top right of the screen.
    3. Click "Main Number" and click "Incoming Call Handling".
    4. Click the "Holidays" tab.
    5. Click the 1st callflow option at the top left labeled Incoming Call > Virtual Receptionist.
    6. Click the "Virtual Receptionist" link to open the editor.
    7. Remove all of the default options if there are any by pressing the X and then click .

    8. Click "Add route".



    titleDefault Greeting Script

    Thank you for calling "COMPANY NAME", due to extream weather conditions we will be closed on "DATE". Please stay on the line press 1 if you would like to leave a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.