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This article outlines how to setup call forwarding on a VVX410.

Setting up forwarding on the phone can only be disabled from the phone.

  1. Press the forward soft-key.
  2. Select one of the forwarding options by pressing up and down on the navigation pad the Select soft-key.
    1. Call Forward Always: This will forward all incoming calls to the forwarding number programmed in the phone.
    2. Call Forward No Answer: This will forward calls if the user does not answer the phone.
    3. Call Forward Busy: This will forward the call if the user is on a call and a incoming call comes in.
  3. Enter the number you would like to forward to.
    1. Press the << soft-key button to delete an existing number.
  4. Press the Enable soft-key to confirm the forwarding number and enable the feature.
    1. To Disable forwarding follow steps 1-2 and press the soft-key on the right that says Disable.
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