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Bringing a previously used Cisco SPA phone over from a different VoIP provider? Provisioning (enabling it for use) is a snap as long as it has a valid device certificate. Third-party phones must already have a valid device certificate to be used on 8x8 service.

The following is valid for Cisco IP phone models SPA303SPA504G, and SPA525G2.

Before You Begin:

  1. Connect the phone to the network and power it on. (If you will be using a computer to complete provisioning setup.
  2. Factory reset the phone.
    • SPA303 and SPA504G: Press Menu > 14: Factory Reset
    • SPA525G2: Menu > 9: Device Administration > 6: Factory Reset

Provisioning (Web):

  1. Find and note the phone's IP address.
    • SPA303 and SPA504G: Press Menu > 9: Network.
    • SPA525G2: Press Menu > 10: Status > 2: Network Status.
  2. On a computer on the same network as the phone, enter the phone's IP address.
  3. Log in to the web GUI and point the endpoint to Audian's configuration server:
    1. Click on Admin Login in the top right corner, then click on Advanced also in the top right corner. 
    2. Now click on Provisioning > Configuration Profile
    3. Click Submit All Changes. (Phone should reset.)
  4. Once the phone boots back up, type /admin/resync after the IP address.

Provisioning (Manual):

  1. Press Menu > 16:Profile Rule.
  2. Enter the Profile Rule$PSN.cfg
  3. Press Sync.
  4. When sync is complete, power-cycle the phone. Wait until it finishes Refreshing voice component. The device should update to correct date and time. 
  1. SPA 525G2 Only:
  2. Press Menu > Device Administration > Profile Rule (should be blank again).
  3. Enter Profile Rule B$PSN.cfg
  4. Press Sync and wait for the Refreshing voice component to complete. The device should get an extension number and come online.

**Note - Adding admin/resync? to the ip address will force the cisco to update and reboot.  For example,

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