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This article will show you how to do the following:

  • Create a Phone Number Port Request


Note: If you do not have all the documents to complete the porting process at hand, you can always save your progress and come back to it later.

Port requests can take up to 5-7 Business days or longer for some lines to complete, please take this into account when creating the port request.

  1. Login to the Audian Portal.
  2. Click the 9 square button at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select the Number Manager app.
  4. Click Port on the right.
  5. If there are no active port requests, click New Port Request.

  6. First, give the new port request a name. Now select what type of number, U.S. Local or U.S. Toll-free, that you will be porting in, and then click Next.

  7. Attach a .PDF file with a recent, within 30 days, bill for the account that currently owns the phone numbers to be ported, and then check the I acknowledge check box.

  8. Fill in all of the account information requested, and then click Next - Select Numbers.
  9. Enter the number or numbers that you would like to have ported, and then press Add Numbers.
  10. Once the desired numbers are added to the port request click Next - LoA Form.

    • Note: From this step onward, you can click Save & Continue Later in order to come back and finish the port request later.

  11. Now we will need a completed Letter of Authorization to be completed and sent back.
      1. Click the Download LoA button.
      2. Fill out and save the .PDF file that was downloaded.
      3. Now click Browse, navigate to and select the completed file, and then click Open.
      4. Enter the Signee Name and Signing Date, and then click Next - Notifications and Scheduling.
  12. Enter the Email address to be used, select a Target Date (IE: The date you would like the port to be completed by), and then click Next - Review Port Request.

  13. Read the statements next to each check box, and then check the boxes, click Submit This Port Request.

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