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This article will show you how to do the following.

  • Troubleshoot and Factory Reset the Cisco SPA122


If you call the fax line and there are no fax tones do the following.

  1. Login to the SPA admin/admin
  2. Navigate to Administration
  3. Factory reset the voice settings
  4. Re-provision the Cisco by using this walkthrough: Cisco SPA122 Provisioning Guide

There are two methods to reset this device.

Method 1

  1. Press and hold the Reset button on the back for 20 seconds.

Method 2

  1. Plug in the power adapter.
  2. Plug a phone to 'Phone 1′ port of the SPA122.
  3. Dial **** (Star key 4 times).
  4. You should hear 'Configuration Option Menu'.
  5. Dial 73738# (RESET#)
  6. Press 1 to confirm the reset.